Sunday, December 17, 2006

A stomach for Academics?

UPSR (that’s Malaysian, Primary School Exam) performance by schools around Machang.

Pangkal Meleret did well this year from their normal numbers of student scoring all A’s jump from their norm which is 4 or 5 students to double digit 11 students scoring all A’s, for the first time in their history. SK Temangan keeps the norm of 4 students getting all As.

Overall in terms of number of students scoring all A’s drop in most school around Machang. The school that did well before did not hit the figure of more than thirty.

The school where my children go to, SK Hamzah 2, had 24 students scoring all A’s. I was informed that the best school is SK Pangkal MokWan, second SK Pulai Chandong, third SK Hamzah 2 and forth place went to SK Pangkal Meleret, probably by percentage of students getting all A’s.

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