Thursday, February 8, 2007

Doing up the House of Worship:

The year 2006 bring two new things to the local house of worship (HoW) in our Kampong, Pangkal Meleret, Machang, loving called Masjid Mukim Pangkal Meleret. Firstly the formation of a new committee. The norm has been people who are on the pension payroll by government standard will be elected to the committee. As such even among us, we have occasionally playfully dubbed the activities in the HoW especially the lectures as “pensioners course (kursus pencen)”. However we hope that with the new faces of young, thirty something in (CMs) committee members, will erase that image from the activities run by the HoW.

replaced roof covering.

Second, the new face which include a serving official did bring in a new dynamism. They manage to get some funds to do up the HoW. Initiated by a young federal government officer in the CMs, HoW manage to secure a federal government grant of some RM180,000.00 to carry out the renovation works from JPP, Jabatan Pembangunan Persekutuan, a Federal Government Arm equivalent to the Federal Implementation and Coordination Unit. Thanks to that. These changes the previous years of piece meal maintenance like making new fences and improving the sanitary facilities

JPP was formed since PAS and Semangat 46 took over the state government. JPP was meant to channel funds directly from the federal government to JPP to finance development projects in his state, hence by passing the state government or institutions runs by state government. In Kelantan under what federal government termed it as 'opposition' rule, the JPP is seen as a state within state or a parallel government to the state government, pick your choice.

New ladies' ablution area.

Among the work done were, provide:-

  1. 1. New ablutions places each for Men and ladies.
  2. 2. An area at the rear of some 500 feet square additional space
  3. to the prayer hall.
  4. 3. A covered veranda of some 1000 feet square on one side of the mosque.

Including facelifts like:-

  1. Changing all glass louvers to sliding aluminum windows.
  2. Replacing the roof covering
  3. Floor tiling
  4. New coat of Paint.

By grace of the Almighty, the gentlemen that initiated the move did not live to see the works completed. He was laid to rest at the end of last year when the construction works was progressing. Kudos to the gentlemen and alFaatihaah

almost completed work

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