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The Forgotten Oppression

Ingushetia: enemy under attack

Publication time: 23 August 2007, 11:22

According to meager reports of Russian occupation command, it is clear that military action in Ingushetia growing day by day. And, the initiative is clearly on the side of Ingush Mujahideen, who almost daily attack munafiqs (traitors) and kafirs (invaders).

Let's recall that two weeks ago about 5000 thousand mercenaries from the so-called "Russia's interior troops", recruited throughout Russia were deployed to Ingushetia. These gangs have been assigned to the occupation formation of FSB, Ministry of Defense, the Interior Ministry and others who had long been stationed in the republic.

The occupation command said that "troops came for the counter-terrorist operation and stability". But after the deployment of these additional forces, the military activity in the republic has increased considerably.

Ingush Mujahideen have conducted a series of successful sabotage and combat operations in the past 10 days, which recognized by the occupation command of Russian troops and local puppets.

So, late in the evening on August 22 occupation convoy was attacked near Yandare village. Mobile squad of Ingush Mujahideen attacked kafirs with grenade launchers and machine guns. As a result of the attack one APC and one Ural army truck were completely destroyed.

Invaders reported that during the gun battle one kafir/mercenary from SOBR police gang was eliminated and at least five kafirs were wounded. At least two of them are in a serious condition.

According to eyewitnesses who had seen the burnt APC and URAL, the casualties of kafirs are likely much higher.

Let point out in this context that the invaders have publicly stated that they will not report the exact number of their casualties as it relates to "public security".

A few hours before the attack in the village of Troitskaya, Ingush saboteurs shot a patrol of local munafiqs the "policemen". Munafiqs reported that the two "policemen" were in serious condition.

On Aug. 21 Mujahideen conducted three simultaneous combat operations. In Nazran a FSB member was gunned down. The attack was conducted when he was entering the FSB building in Nazran.

A few hours later Mujahideen attacked Russian kafirs gang near the village of Dattyh. As a occupation side admitted the attack was carried out at a time when the so-called "Spetsnaz" was conducting a "sweep operation" in the area of the village. Kafirs stated that only one kafir/ mercenary had been wounded as a result of attack.

On the same day, about 11 am local time an OMON police gang was in the village of Barsuki. Mujahideen attacked puppets' vehicle. Munafiqs reported that one collaborator was seriously injured.

On Aug. 20 a gun battle took place near the village of Galashki. Kafirs hid their losses by only saying that "military personnel came under attack in the area".

Invaders did not told how the battle took place, saying to journalists that after the attack Mujahideen left the site and occupation forces sealed off the battle zone.

On the same evening a fierce firefight was heard in Nazran. However the details of the fighting are unknown.

On the night of Aug. 17 Mujahideen attacked the 503rd Regiment of occupation forces in the town of Buinaksk. Tthe battle was lasted for about 15 minutes. Ingush Mujahideen attacked the base with grenades launchers, machine guns and AK rifles. As kafirs admitted the grenades hit the HQ of the regiment.

The attack had started around midnight. After the end of an intense crossfire, single shots occurred for some time. After about a half a hour after the end of the fighting, a column of armored vehicles moved to the village.

A gun battle between the Ingush Mujahideen and mercenaries from "interior troops" gang took place on Auh. 13 in Nazran region of Ingushetia near the town of Yandyry.

As the spokesman of occupation command admited the fire was opened on the kafirs of forestland.

Invaders claim only three mercenaries wounded in the battle. Mujahideen casualties are unknown.

On Aug. 12 near the village of Ekazhevo a mobile team of Ingush Mujahideen attacked a gang of Russian kafirs from Voronezh Province of Russia.

As a result of attack 1 kafir was eliminated and two others were seriously injured. Ingush Mujahideen attacked a patrol vehicle which was escorting a few military trucks with occupation soldiers..

These reports are based only on official reports of occupation command and local puppets. There is no any data from Ingush Sector of Caucasus Front of CRI AF included in this summary.

Kavkaz Center

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