Thursday, December 27, 2007

US army recruits illegal immigrants

Thu, 27 Dec 2007 13:37:16

The US army sends illegal immigrants to the Iraq war
Citizens of northern Mexican state of Sinaloa denounce that the US army recruits illegal immigrants from Mexico to send them to the Iraq war.

Media reports from Culiacan, the capital of that state, quoted statements by civil activist Ildefonso Ortiz Cabrera saying the US officers use young men of Latin American origin to recruit the Mexicans.

Ortiz Cabrera spoke about his own experience in Phoenix, Arizona, where they suggested that he went to a military base, and he decided then to return to El Burrion, his town in Sinaloa.

The case of Carlos Mario Perez was also mentioned, because faced with the serious situation of the US army in Iraq, where the US citizens do not want to go, they tried to recruit him directly, and he returned in fear to Mexican territory a year ago.

In those testimonies, they said other illegal immigrant families from Mexico in the United States have decided to return to their places of origin, because they fear that their adolescent children are taken, with the passing of time, as cannon fodder to an alien war to them.


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