Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ezam’s diminishing role as a corruption whistle blower.

Ezam used to say he had six boxes of documents relating to corruptions to be revealed to the public. They were or are big sharks, corruptions of National scale, involving National figures. The magnitude of corruptions we are talking about here will probably in sum total comes to easily in order of magnitude, billions of Malaysian Ringgit (RM).

That was before he joined UMNO.

According to Hishamuddin Rais (Syams), Ezam was keeping to his struggle norms when he joined Pak Lah’s UMNO. Ezam’s norm as always is, to be part of a loser fighting against winners. Pak Lah was heading a party or part of the party of UMNO, that was “losing”. Whether Syams claimed is right or wrong will be up to the individual’s perception!

However in practice, with Ezam’s conversion to UMNO, the Malaysian public has a lot to loose. Why? That’s because Ezam’s role as a whistle blower against corruption has been greatly reduced, at least with what, he himself had revealed to the relevant authorities or the public, lately. Ezam’s role in handling cases where there have been leakages of public money is diminishing – in terms of scale.

For example he is completely silence as to amount of public money leaked to shareholders or to whom POS Malaysia belongs to when the Fuel Subsidy is paid through Pos Malaysia.. That is a major and large amount of leakage of public money going into pockets of individuals. Now, Ezam’s whistle blowing is limited to: . .

  1. State Affairs – namely Selangor.

2 The magnitude of corruption or leakage of public money is in the order of probably a couple of hundreds or ten of thousands.

3 Corruption that have yet to take place (in progress) or yet to be proven so.

4 Though he may not have to report to the police or ACA because the ACA is already on their toes witch-hunting vigorously in the state.

Whatever the case is, it is a sad thing to see a corruption whistle blower of National Concerned, going after Big Figures Corruption turned in a party Gurkha, one looking for small fishes within the ruling circles of his present party’s opposition with dirty hands limited to the limited state coffers only.

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