Sunday, December 21, 2008

Economics (Capitalism) - 101: The Myth of Scarcity

Perhaps the single most devastating myth on earth. . .
Is that of scarcity . . .

Not enough food.
Not enough land.
Not enough water.
Not enough oil.
Not enough love . . .
Not enough of ANYTHING that's needed for everyone on earth to thrive and survive.
And of course I would be remiss not to include the MOTHER OF ALL MYTHS - that there is NOT ENOUGH MONEY to go around.

NOTHING can be further from the truth.
But, most people lack the knowledge or imagination to see through the LIES.
The problem is that this mega myth of scarcity is a self-fulfilling prophecy that destroys our lives.
Those who embrace it invariably panic and, in a mad rush, chase after every resource they can lay their hands on, before it's all taken.
The strong, the crafty, and those who get there first, hoard large swathes of resources - PILE IT HIGH AND SIT ON IT - while the weak, the honest, and the young are left struggling just to survive.

And so we end up with EXTREME imbalances reflected both in society and in our environment and in the process we destroy what matters most - our human relations.

This is madness.

A madness that is driven by GREED - rapacious, relentless, insatiable GREED - coupled with unremitting selfishness and a thorough lack of imagination on the part of those who are neither selfish nor greedy.

The irony of this tragedy is that while people eagerly embrace the myth of scarcity with respect to everything which in reality is or could be abundant if we use our imagination, they ignore the one thing that is actually running out for humanity - TIME.
Wakeup people and wake your friends, your family and your neighbors, because time is running out.

Sooner than you realize, greed and selfishness will consume us all and leave nothing but a scorched planet as a testament to how badly we f**ked up.

courtesy : wakeupfromyourslumber

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