Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mike’s distorted rationale.

Mike, an MP from Kapar created quite a hoo-haa when he goes public lamenting of a possibility of him, leaving his high post in PKR. His major rhetoric has been Selangor’s State government lack of “friendliness” to the Indian (Oops! Malaysian of Indian origin) “policy” and practice.

He is vocal, against a post of Penghulu given to a Malaysian not of Indian origin, a kampong where the Malaysians of Indian origin form a great majority, according to Mike. According to Mike the post of Penghulu, should be given to a Malaysian of Indian origin and it is a serious enough reason, worthy for him to resign from his post in PKR but not a member of PKR.

I have to check the racial composition of the constituency where Mike was voted to be their representative in the Malaysian Parliament. If what Mike claims above is his principle. If Malaysians of Indians origin do not form the majority in Mike’s Kapar Parliamentary seat, Mike should have not accepted his nomination to represent the constituency concerned. In a highly charged racial sentiments and divide in Malaysia, Mike should not have make race a major public issue.

In Malaysia many quarters have commented that there are too many MPs of Indian origin, after the 2008 March general election. The numbers of Malaysians of Indian Origin in Malaysian Parliament do not represent or reflect the correct racial composition of Malaysia today. Does Mike not realize this?

In Perak, after the March GE, there was a call by DAP, Lim Kit Siang not to have a PAS Malay as the Perak MB. There was a call by PKR too, Syed Hussin to have the composition of Perak EXCO in accordance with, the principle of proportional representation, according to the racial composition of the state of Perak. None of the two calls, materialized.

Mike should sit down, think, reflect and rationalized all these facts, before embarking on an “Indian chauvinist media charade”. The voting populace of Malaysia is observing you. Demanding too much will be seen of Mike, from Mike for Mike! The voting Malaysians may see Mike actions as a classic case – as described by Bahasa Kebangsaan proverbs that say, “bagi betis nak paha” and “ macam Belanda di beri tanah”.

That may have suited Mike or well accepted among the ”Malaysians of Indian” community in Mike’s constituency. But Mike mind you, what about the other Malaysians that had voted for you where are you going to place them? Are you no longer willing to represent them! What about PKR, Malays, Chinese and others that have supported and voted for Pakatan.

Mike should be called to abandoned his threatening behavior towards PKR and Pakatan that have given him the opportunity to be a member of Malaysian Parliament. Mike should refrained from using or abusing his supporters (as Mike claimed to be more than 300) and should give up his black mailing attitude towards PKR and Pakatan. Mike should feel more accountable towards the Party, the Group of Parties and the voters that put him in the Malaysian Parliament. 

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