Monday, March 17, 2008


Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, had written a letter to all cawangan UMNO proposing to have a Special General Meeting (SGM).

So far news reaches us that there were some positive response to the call from Johore UMNO Youth, below are copies of the said letters.

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Tun Dr Mahathir di belakang move politik Ku Li?

But it seems that they are still in the 60's mode of thinking, stressing on UMNO to lead the racial
based coalition that Malaysian felt proven no longer able to be even as good as Tun Razak's time in terms of social justice and the rakyat need based emphatic policies.

The expired NEP in 1990, was just left to go on till today as "slogans" to camouflage the robbing of the Nation's wealth and be pocketed by selected political elites and their circles. These "lucky" elites of all skin colours holding high posts and positions in political hierarchy, government bureaucracies and as business owners. The Nation were tricked into believing that the NEP is still on while there were no major definitive actions to enforce it. Talks of New Development Policy was once heralded. Vision 2020 and the Industrialisation programs leads to wealth being concentrated and circulated more and more in the hands of the few reducing others only to be mere spectators in their own mother land.

Ku Li and Dr Mahathir especially, are they not the pace setters in these ugly affairs. If so, they are part of the problem. Can they be part of the solution now! Will Dr Mahathir in the process allows his closet to be bared to the public eyes to see all the skeletons and whatever he had left behine to rot in this beloved nation of our. But they said politics is the art of the impossible!

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