Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wishlist after GE 12 for Malaysia.

1. My first wish is that we stop the Din Ilahi wannabe. In the history of Islam, names were called on some factions of Muslims, but the faction never call them any thing other than Muslims. Can some body please please stop calling themselves Islam Hadhari?

2.. Stop generalizing the golden age of Islam as the period of "monarchy", most were wrongly guided and some are very oppressive, though their knowledge base were high and it was a period of abundance. Special program to educate Malaysians.

3. The opposition to tie their lose ends and form a Barisan Rakyat ( BR ) and stand as one in the next election with one symbol, though for Kelantan, Perlis, Kedah and Trengganu it can be ( BR - same symbol ) limited to PAS - KeADILAN pack.

4. Use the alternative media to highlight their real "economic status" as what actuallyhappened to Kelantan when PAS first take over. That BA / BR cannot honour their Manifesto promises because they were unable to rule Malaysia ie Majority MPs in Parliament. Present the real "economic state" of the states BR inherited from BN, such as Federal and External Debts.

5. Join forces for states under opposition to explore further wealth of each state like Natural Gas in Kelantan - to fund development and create a welfare state scheme in these states. ( Got to check the federation agreement ), BR do not inherit rich states like (Trengganu, Sarawak or Sabah.) Except for Penang and Selangor - surviving as an Industrial State.

6. Control influx of foreign labour and Organised labour sharing scheme for the states under BR.

7. Organized and synchronized development ( not limited to economy ) for all states under BR.

8. Form a special coordinating assembly / Committee to realize the above goals.

9. Emphasis must be given to educate ( the same government servants down the line, the ones who run day-to-day operations ) and eradicate bad and corrupt practices that had prevail for the many years, within the bureaucracy.

10. Adopt a transparent tender & award processes for Government projects based on merits . No more direct negotiable contracts and adopt two stage tendering to evaluate technical & commercial proposals for Design & Build or PFI contracts.

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