Friday, May 16, 2008

An open letter to the UN

His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

Today, May 14, Israel commemorates its 60th anniversary of “War of Independence” and the establishment of the illegal Zionist entity.

The day also marks the 60 years of the tragic Palestinian Nakba or suffering. It is needless to turn back history pages to learn how the illegal Zionist entity was established at 4:00 P.M. on this unfortunate day in 1948 and the powers that propped and recognized them as a 'state'; it's an open book.

Today, Zionists in Israel and across the world are celebrating the day with great fervor, but I'm sure that there are thousands of other conscientious Jews across the world who will not be celebrating this day. Rather they will be commemorating the plight of the Palestinian nation. These Jews will not only condemn the decades of occupation and suffering, but these Jews are also aware of the constant atrocities that are continuing in Occupied Palestine. They will condemn the oppressive Separation Wall; the confiscation of Palestinian land; the illegal settlements; the denial of Palestinians' right of return; the killings, torture, imprisonment and harassment; the violation of basic human rights of Palestinians and Israel's disdain for international law.

Likewise, world Muslims and other peace loving people view the anniversary of the creation of as ill-conceived and ill-gotten, viewing it as an unforgettable and unforgivable event that has ever taken place in the world's history. Their hearts are with the Palestinians and I join the Muslim community in their support for the Palestinian cause.

Today, just as the years that have lapsed, Israeli forces continue to use sophisticated weapons and kill men, women and children indiscriminately. They also displace the nation.

Such atrocities have continued under the staunch aegis of Western powers. As a world citizen, what I find pathetic to learn is that an international community which is aware of and acknowledges the innate dignity of every human being, silently watches and keeps mum over Israel's inhuman atrocities against the innocent civilians of Gaza.

Indisputably, Israel's brutalities against the Gaza civilians are a flagrant violation of all international charters and conventions. While it is highly appreciated that the UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon, UNICEF, NGO's, and Human Rights Groups condemn Israel's "excessive" use of force and “inhuman” measures against the innocent Palestinians, little is being done to pressure Israel to immediately halt its punitive actions against the Palestinians.

Undoubtedly, the esteemed United Nations has, as always, condemned Israeli blockades of the Gaza Strip which has caused humanitarian crisis for Gaza's 1.5 million residents, and who face frequent shortages of various everyday supplies.

It has also condemned Israel's response to the international community's concerns about the "unjust" situation the regime has created for Palestinians living in their homeland in the Gaza Strip.

Likewise, UN aid agencies have also warned of the tragic humanitarian crisis in Gaza. But, Your Excellency, do you think that only concern will suffice? If there is to be lasting peace in the Middle East, firstly, it would auger well if Washington and other powers unconditionally stop their support for Israel, failing which it will further embolden the regime to pound Gaza and occupied territories recklessly.

This will only deteriorate the situation for Palestinians who are now desperately in need of food, medical supplies and basic amenities. Against all international conventions dictating war laws, Israeli forces constantly prohibit emergency medical relief teams from reaching innocent men, women and children.

Israel fails to reason that the children, who constitute over half of Gaza population, are bearing the brunt of the crisis. As it stands, they are already suffering gravely from a series of restrictions, including blockades on most goods imposed since June last year.

But despite this, Israel continues to violate all international laws, in particular the Fourth Geneva Convention which deals with the protection of civilians during war or under occupation. This clearly indicates Israel's unyielding attitude to willingly heed the efforts of world bodies, international community and NGOs to abide by international laws.

Besides, it indicates that undisguised racism confronts them. So what is the solution to compel Israel to renounce such criminalities that is endangering the security and welfare of the 1.5 million civilians in the Gaza, and the occupied territories? It's catastrophic!

The suffering of the Palestinians, as well as all those oppressed by foreign occupying forces, be it Iraq or Afghanistan, has become unbearable for the Muslim world. Even the calls by world civil societies and governments to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land are being totally disregarded. This is while the international community is obliged to compel Israel to implement every relevant United Nations' Security Council Resolution and make them withdraw from every occupied area. The international community is also obliged to set implementation actions and measures, similar to those which are enforced in other parts of the world.

Should the Israelis fail to adhere to such demands, then I am sure that any conscientious world citizen will undoubtedly agree with me that the only way to bring Israel on its knees is for world bodies, humanitarian groups, honorable heads of solidarity groups, and NGOs to pressure Israel by imposing sanctions to make it halt its brutalities in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and al-Quds.
What is perplexing is that if sanctions and embargoes can be imposed on certain countries for little or no reason at all, why sanctions can't be also imposed on Israel, for causing humanitarian crisis in the occupied land?

This is a case of human suffering where every person's life is at stake! It will be greatly appreciated if the Security Council urgently demands the occupying power to immediately halt its military aggression and its collective punishment of the Palestinians and adhere to international laws and conventions. The highly respected UN Security Council should use its impartial authority to also prosecute Israeli officials for their crimes in Gaza in a way to prove that world public opinion will no longer tolerate their brutalities.

To allow Israel to act freely, and above the law, will severely undermine chances for a just and lasting peace. To this end, all freedom loving people and peace seekers including those who oppose occupation, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, racism and war crimes, and all those who are willing to speak the truth and accept the reality of how Israel came into existence, should sincerely commit themselves to halt Israel's brutalities against the oppressed Palestinians and leave the occupied territories.

Last but not the least, let not the cries of innocent children and the guiltless Palestinians go unnoticed by the international community as their silence will tantamount to consent.

In this dark hour I am sure that, with your esteemed support and fair stand, as well as with the support of peace loving world civil societies and governments, Your Excellency will find solutions to help establish peace, stability and justice not only in the Middle East, but in all troubled spots of the globe.

Yours Respectfully

Florence Jones

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Thu, 15 May 2008 02:21:19
Press TV, Tehran


Jaakonpoika said...

Who has heard that in the 1930's Bagdad every 3rd citizen was a native Jew? The Sefardi (Safrati) Jews have a 400 year old history and the Mizrahi Jews over 2,500 year old history in the Middle East - outside the location of the state of Israel (Palestine).

Here's the statistics regarding not ONLY the expelsion of Jews from various Moslim countries in the last 60 years that Israel has been an independent state, but also numbers expelled from the Europe in a longer time interval. The Jews are no settlers of colonialism:

60 years of survival. This is statistics, not Zionism. When the military means have lacked the power, it is now a time of a media war to spit on the Jews and curse the Jewish Scriptures. Both the Old and New Testament were written by Jews. Although Jasser Arafat in his books claimed that there never was any Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and that Jesus was not a Jew, he could not deceive the honest spectator

As a matter of fact, the population of Arabs (my beloved friends and brothers, just like the Jews, our common fathers) under the Israeli government was increased ten-fold (10X) in only 57 years. The Palestinian life expectancy increased from 48 to 72 years in 1967-1995. The death rate decreased by over 2/3 in 1970-1090 and the Israeli medical campaigns decreased the child deat rate from a level of 60 per 1000 in 1968 to 15 per 1000 in 2000. (An analogous figure was 64 in Iraq, 40 in Egypt, 23 in Jordan, and 22 in Syria in 2000). During 1967-1988 the amount of comprehensive schoold and second level polytechnic institutes for the Arabs was increased by 35%. During 1970-1986 the proportion of Palestinian women at the West Bank and Gaza not having gone to school decreased from 67 % to 32 %. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in West Bank and Gaza increased in 1968-1991 BKT from 165 US dollars to 1715 dollars (compare with 1630$ in Turkey, 1440$ in Tunis, 1050$ in Jordan, 800$ in Syria, 600$ in Egypt. and 400$ in Yemen).

One-fourth of the judgements of the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations strike Israel. Out of the incidences dealt in the Security Counsil one-third is having to do with Israel. I think this resembles the hysteria seen in the Black Plague in Europe, when the European Jews were accused of the pandemia and burned alive. The phobic mob was really scared and saw the peculiar Jews as a threat.
Helsinki, Finland
PS. Statistics of the beneficial impact of Jewish population to the host country in terms of inventions, science and technology:

Ojalanpoika said...

Indeed, could you kindly comment, whether my details are correct in a dissident essay concerning the recent scaling up of production in the Israeli high Tech companies in: ?

E.g. "...Before the Second Intifada, there were nearly 200 Israeli companies listed in the Nasdaq, at the Intifada the count dropped to 70. (The number is still greater than from all the European countries combined). It is said that the dollars are green since the Americans pull them down from the tree raw and fresh. The start-ups are imported straight from the garage, and scaling up of production in the "conflict hotspot" has been considered impossible. But the new Millennium has brought a change in tide.

As an example, the supranational Intel transferred the mass production of Centricon-processors to Israel, where ~20% of citizens possess university decrees (ranking 3rd in the world) but where the environment respects patents and are not plagiating every item they produce to others like the rocketting China. Intel was also offered an overall tax rate of 10%, which is about three times lower than that of US.

Also, the biggest generic drug factory in the world was recently established in Israel. Generating US$7 billion in annual revenues, Israel's Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (TEVA) is the world's largest generic pharmaceutical company. That is: to cure people with less money. TEVA makes generic versions of brand-name antibiotics, heart drugs, heartburn medications, and more - in all close to 200 global generic products, 700 compounds, and more than 2800 dosage forms and formulations. TEVA's pharmaceuticals are used in some 20% of U.S. generic drug prescriptions. Examples of TEVA's generics include lower-cost equivalents of such blockbusters as anti-depressant Prozac and cholesterol drug Mevacor. Nevertheless, in biotechnology and original drug development, about 400 experimental Israeli drugs have been approved or accepted in clinical phases.

The population of Arabs under the Israeli government increased ten-fold in only 57 years. Palestinian life expectancy increased from 48 to 72 years in 1967-95. The death rate decreased by over 2/3 in 1970-90 and the Israeli medical campaigns decreased the child death rate from a level of 60 per 1000 in 1968 to 15 per 1000 in 2000 at the Westbank. (An analogous figure was 64 in Iraq, 40 in Egypt, 23 in Jordan, and 22 in Syria in 2000). During 1967-88 the amount of comprehensive schoold and second level polytechnic institutes for the Arabs was increased by 35%. During 1970-86 the proportion of Palestinian women at the West Bank and Gaza not having gone to school decreased from 67 % to 32 %. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in West Bank and Gaza increased in 1968-1991 from 165 US dollars to 1715 dollars (compare with 1630$ in Turkey, 1440$ in Tunis, 1050$ in Jordan, 800$ in Syria, 600$ in Egypt. and 400$ in Yemen)..."

Recovering from hemorrhage in the left hemisphere of the brain,
Pauli Ojala, evolutionary critic
Biochemist, drop-out (MSci-Master of Sciing)
Helsinki, Finland

Online Medic,Inc.

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