Friday, May 23, 2008

Somalia in brief part 1.

Developments in Somalia may soon hit the air and major newspaper. Lets brace and pray for goodness to reach our darker skin brothers in Somalia. This too warrant us to know a little more about Somalia.

A short background.

Since the previous central government under the leadership of Siad Barre broke down, as he was ousted out Then a series of civil war that followed it had lead to the Federation of Somalia breakdown. Somalia was a Republic and the government was established based on the federation of several regions Since1991 Somalia has no de factor Central Government. Prior to that, Somalia due to its strategic location had been a victim of a vicious power struggle between pro US and Pro Soviet forces during the cold war.

Somaliland and Puntland.

Looking on the map of Somalia, on the topmost is an area known as Somaliland which had declared itself independent in1991, with its capital at Hargesia. It is the most peaceful part of Somalia Somaliland has not attained any international recognition

Puntland in the northeast also remains autonomous but supports the Transitional Government and, unlike Somaliland, still considers itself a part of the Somali Republic.

Transitional Federal Government

The internationally recognized Transitional Federal Government (TFG), controls only parts of Southern Somalia from its base in the town of Baidoa, and is not recognized by most Somalis. On October 14, 2004, the Somali Transitional Federal Parliament elected Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, previously president of Puntland, to be president of Somalia. Because of the situation in Mogadishu, the election was held in a sports centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Yusuf was elected with 189 of the 275 votes from members of parliament. Abdullahi Yusuf is seen as a pro-western government back by foeign forces.

Recent development.

Conflict broke out again in early 2006 between a Pro-US alliance of Mogadishu warlords known as the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (or "ARPCT") and a militia loyal to the Islamic Courts Union (or ICU).

The militia loyal to the ICU was an indigenous developed forces – based on the cultural background of the Somalis and their inherent need to establish and maintain order, seeking to institute Sharia law in Somalia. This threatened the Pro-US TFG and US interest in Somalia and the region.

The ICU and their militia took control of much of the southern half of Somalia, normally through negotiation with local clan chiefs rather than by the use of force. ICU was popular and have grass root and was successful briefly, until under American instigation and sponsorship Ethiopia forces invaded Somalia to assist the TFG forces in September 2006 …. to be follow by part 2 .

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